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Students can join the society during the entire year. We highly recommend you to become a member before the end of October to enjoy all the activities we offer. Also, by joining early, you will have more opportunities to network and increase your knowledge in investments. Still wondering about a few things? Read the frequently asked questions.

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Get to know B&R Beurs and everything this wonderful investment society has to offer. Hear from current members how B&R Beurs has enhanced their professional and social life; all while enjoying a drink.

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The fourth of July was a special day for B&R Beurs Investment Society, the yearly Read more

Investment Competition Update

This week the Dutch AEX index gained 1.01% and the Eurostoxx 200 Large gained 0.41%. Read more

Investment Competition Update

This week the Dutch AEX Index gained 0.21% and the Eurostoxx 200 Large gained 0.15% Read more

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We are very active on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is the best way to follow us and know what is happening. We highly encourage all our members to follow us. Note that we have different channels for active members and alumni.



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